CPHL 2020-21 Single Game Records

(As of 04/14/2021 17:57:11)

As generated by XtraStats for FHL.
by Wynn Fenwick and Fred Hurtubise


Goals               4, David Pastrnak (Danglers), CPHL2020706.html,
                       Taylor Hall (Rogues), CPHL2020676.html,
                       Zach Parise (Storm), CPHL2020428.html,
                       John Carlson (WolfPack), CPHL2020229.html
Assists             5, Kevin Fiala (Luddites), CPHL2020806.html,
                       Scott Laughton (Nailers), CPHL2020782.html,
                       Victor Olofsson (Knights), CPHL2020596.html
Points              7, Taylor Hall (Rogues), CPHL2020676.html,
                       Tyler Seguin (Roadkill), CPHL2020399.html
+/-                 6, Patrick Kane (Butchers), CPHL2020276.html,
                       Mark Scheifele (Butchers), CPHL2020276.html,
                       Victor Hedman (WolfPack), CPHL2020139.html
PIM                24, T.J. Oshie (Hackers), CPHL2020548.html,
                       Zack Kassian (Nailers), CPHL2020536.html,
                       Dmitri Orlov (Rogues), CPHL2020494.html
Shots               9, Kevin Hayes (Tyrants), CPHL2020808.html,
                       Andreas Athanasiou (Stingrays), CPHL2020660.html,
                       Kevin Fiala (Luddites), CPHL2020553.html,
                       Nazem Kadri (WolfPack), CPHL2020150.html,
                       Adam Henrique (Empire), CPHL202056.html
Hits               10, Calvin De Haan (Nailers), CPHL2020754.html,
                       Brady Tkachuk (Butchers), CPHL2020485.html,
                       Brayden McNabb (Danglers), CPHL2020466.html,
                       Brady Tkachuk (Butchers), CPHL2020155.html
Ice Time           35, Auston Matthews (Whalers), CPHL2020642.html


Saves              43, Carey Price (Stingrays), CPHL2020311.html, 43 saves on 45 shots (.955)
Shots faced        45, Joonas Korpisalo (Gold Seals), CPHL2020394.html, 41 saves on 45 shots (.911),
                       Carey Price (Stingrays), CPHL2020311.html, 43 saves on 45 shots (.955)
Lowest Save %    .809, Thatcher Demko (Gold Seals), CPHL2020151.html, 34 saves on 42 shots (.809)


Goals              13, Roadkill, CPHL2020399.html
Assists            22, Roadkill, CPHL2020399.html
Points             35, Roadkill, CPHL2020399.html
PIM                56, Danglers, CPHL2020697.html
Shots              46, Luddites, CPHL2020553.html
Hits               41, Butchers, CPHL2020624.html


Goals              16, WolfPack - Danglers, CPHL2020405.html,
                       Roadkill - Stingrays, CPHL2020399.html
Assists            28, WolfPack - Danglers, CPHL2020405.html
Points             44, WolfPack - Danglers, CPHL2020405.html
PIM                82, Knights - Danglers, CPHL2020697.html
Shots              79, Luddites - Gold Seals, CPHL2020553.html
Hits               69, Whalers - Knights, CPHL2020168.html